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Questions about Locking Doors

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I just found out that when I open the tailgate using the keyfob, it doesn't lock back when I close it. It doesn't matter whether the doors were locked using the keyfob or manual lock button. Is it supposed to be this way? I'll check to see if the security system still stays armed after opening the tailgate. In my other MB car, the trunk will lock back and the security system reactivated.
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Hmmm, it's not working for us either. It does however lock back if no doors are opened after we hit the unlock button with the remote fob.

I did the exact same thing just a minute ago, and shut the door and waited a minute or two, and it never locked back. (Oh, and I think the lock actuator is going bad.[V] Squeeeeeekkkk!)
Tested it several times today. Nothing. Even when all doors are unlocked, press Lock on the remote fob, the tail gate is still unlocked. But when I close it, the alarm is on, but the door is unlocked. The alarm does go off.

Darkmann, this seems weird.
AC_ML - 4/20/2006 6:13 PM

Strange, if my hatch door is open, with all other doors closed, and I use the remote to lock the vehicle, then all my doors and including my tail gate will lock, and if I then close the tail gate, then the tail gate door remains lock and the lights blink 3 times and the alarm gets activated.

Seems like your tail gate don't lock when it is open. I like the tail gate's ability to lock while it is open, like other doors do, because then I can just close the door and walk away when I finished unloading..

The tail gate and the front driver's door won't lock when it's opened. Otherwise it's fine.
rudeney said:
I have a similar issue with my tailgate. My tailgate does in fact lock securely, but only if it is closed and I press the lock button on the fob (or use central locking or automatic locking at 10mph). The problem occurs when I lock the doors via the fob with the tailgate open. If I do this, then the alarm actually sets, even with the tailgate open. When I close the tailgate, it does not lock. If I then re-open the tailgate, the alarm is triggered. My tailgate also does not re-lock when closing it after using the “trunk” unlock button on the fob.

My understanding is that the tailgate should in fact lock if closed when the alarm is armed. I believe it should also re-lock and re-arm the alarm when closing it after using the “trunk” unlock button on the fob. When I was playing around with Carsoft, I was able to read error codes on the AAM and discovered that there is an error code on the tailgate actuator, so something is in fact wrong. I removed the trim panel and tried to see what was going on, but I really couldn’t tell. Everything seems to be connected correctly, but something is not getting a signal when the tailgate is close (either that or the system always sees the tailgate as closed when it is actually open).

One day, when I have more time, I may look into it some more.
Good find rudeney! Now if only it were under warranty still...:p
Although I can't do anything about it, I will complain that the driver front door and rear tail gate won't lock like AC_ML described. ;)
rudeney said:

You should not be able to lock the vehicle at all (fob’s RCL or central locking switch) if the driver’s door is open. It’s a safety/security feature.
Uh-oh. I just tested it with all the doors. They all lock (except the tail gate and front driver door) when I press the lock button on the remote fob.

I did this one at a time with each door. :(
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