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Questions about a 1978 450 SEL

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Hi guys, I just bought a one owner 1978 450 SEL, the car has 112K miles and runs very well, the car is rust free needing only a paint job and minor interior restoration. However, becoming familiar with the car, I have noticed a couple of things and I will appreciate your comments.
First, the car seems "slow" compared with my previous MB (I have owned a 1973 450 SLC, 1985 380se, 1995 e320, and currently I'm the owner of a 2004 S500, too bad that I don't have time to learn more about these babies. However, being part of this forum is a good start) I understand that this car is not only 32 years old but also very heavy. However, is this normal? the engine is very strong and smooth, no shaking while idle.
My other question, I had a leak from a small square part, sort of a little box with a black cap, located in the passenger side, a couple of hoses are connected to it and several wires as well. The fluid is color a combination of green/blue/yellow and the leaking was present just for one day. I checked this morning and I didn't see a drop. Do you know what this could be?

Thank you for your help. Best regards
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When my 78 450SEL is cold, 0-30 seems kinda slow, but when it's warmed up, 0-30 is OK. It won't smoke the tires off the line, but I suspect the distributor advance needs rebuilt. If I recall, 30+ years ago I used to be able to spin the tires on my dads 450SEL.

On the highway the old 450 motors pretty good for a big ol'pig.
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