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Hi all... long time no post... Been trying to catch up from several months.

Okay been looking hard at the 2005 SLK 55 since it came out. Finally have seen a few on the streets and am loving the look. Wow the nose really isn't terrible as I first feared. Still prefer the "classic" look of mine, but got the itch to upgrade really badly. No one knows anyone in Central Indiana interested in a '99? :) My wife is about the murder me for wanting to spend $70k on a new SLK (taxes, winter tires, etc.)

Okay I've a few questions that aren't clear from reading all your posts.

1) Is the Command option included in the $1,600 420 Entertainment Package enough to get the iPod module? It isn't clear to me if I must get the DVD Nav. option to use an iPod.

2) How much is the iPod module? Their website only says 1-3 hours labor to have it installed.

3) No where do I see anything about "HD Radio". Anyone have any info on adding aftermarket HD Radio tuners? I know Kenwood sells one, but only for other Kenwood receiving units. (see note below)

4) I've not seen much on how the screen in the SLK might work with a DVD movie player. Would the DVD Nav. option allow me to put a regular mpeg2-based DVD movie in it and it would play it? Does the car have to be off or in park to play a movie?

5) Thoughts on the dealer-installed Plexi-glass wind breaker? Haven't seen much on this.

6) If I don't get the 326 Premium Package how does the a/c work? Is it more of a one temp for both seats?

7) Do all SLK 55's come with shift buttons on the steering wheel? Do they all come with auto vario-roof remotes on the key fab?

8) Is the new MB paint any tougher/stronger than previous years? Still considering another black SLK 55 (why do I do this to myself!) and struggling between Obsidian Black Metalic, and plain black. Comments on durability?

Note on HD Radio: I ndianapolis must be one of the pioneering cities but most of our major stations are already broadcasting in HD. Hearing the difference is AMAZING! FM radio is up there with a CD player, and even poor forgotten AM is really good. And best of all it is FREE after the equipment upgrade. Lack of HD Radio support from MB is a pretty big disappointment because I for one am much more interested in my local radio stations than I am with the Sat. I think Indy radio just must be so much better than other cities. We don't have the diversity like in Chicago or Toronto but listening to regular FM radio in my travels over the last year I most certain rank Indy stations top notch.

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Hi, good luck with the murderous wifey. Sounds like a tricky proposition to get the SLK55 budget past the board of finance.

Now some answers to your questions:

1) Yes, the $1600 Entertainment package even without navigation does include the COMAND unit which means you can have iPod integration even without navigation. The color "COMAND" screen will be there just minus navigation capability.

2) I believe the iPod module is $299 last time I checked, when it becomes available this June/July. That's just for the retrofit kit and does not include labor for installation which I would guesstimate to be another $200 or so.

3) No HD radio support as far as I know.

4) DVD-playback capavility is not available (or at least not enabled) on US-spec cars. Only in Europe and other markets. Jury is still out on whether it's a simple firmware update or hardware retrofit to enable DVD playback on US cars.

5) Plexiglass windscreen is an excellent buy. Rumor is the price has incresed suspiciously as soon as springtime has rolled around. I have one and it works very well and is far superior at least in the looks department over the flimsy cheap looking mesh windblocker. Search the archives for pics or I can post a few of mine once I find out where they are.

6) Without the 326 premium package, you still get an "automatic" HVAC system except without the bells and whistles of having sun sensor and other stuff. It's a basic system without a digital temp readout. It consists of 4 dials with the outer dials to control temperature on either side, with the center dials being airflow location and speed control. Esthetically, the lesser HVAC system with the 4 dials works nicer with the look of the SLK's interior.

7) Yes, all SLK55's have shift buttons behind the steering wheel standard. Although remote vario-roof operation with the smartkey fob is listed as included in the premium package, all SLK55's have remote vario-roof operation as a standard feature whether or not you order the premium package.

8) MB claims that all 2005 model cars starting with the new SLK's and C-classes have nanotechnology paint which is more resistant to rock chips and scratches. Whether or not the advantage is apparent is not certain yet though I seriously doubt such paint technology is better than a clear bra in terms of rock chip protection. More scratch-resistant? Probably. I have silver so this wouldn't have been an issue either way.
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