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<br> <br> hi..<br> i am planning to get a 2002 clk 320 convertible or 2002 clk 430.. which do you think is worth for me to spend money? is it the 2002 clk 320 convertible or clk 430? they are about same in price range right? i heard that the 2003 clk is coming with a hardtop convertible.. is this true? does anyone know the price range for the 2003 clk lineup, including the supply and demand..? do you think i should wait up and get a 2003 clk, or just get the 2002 model? when is 2003 clk going to be launched for sales in united states? is it going to be this year? when would it be? please answer me if you can, because this is a big dilemma for me.. i think that current clk model is still magnificent.. please give me your opinions and help me with some informations regarding the 2003 clk model.. thanks!

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I just heard my CLK430C is being made as we speek.<br>
I have decided to get a 2002 because the first year<br>
could change from the next one-do you remember 1999<br>
to 2000 4 speed trany and 2000 got tiptronic 5 speed<br>
So because I only keep my cars for two years,<br>
I'll get the 2004 model (not the firs year)<br>
But that's only my opinion.<br>
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