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Question on Xenon HIds in 2000 ML55

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I have the regular Xenon HIDs in my 2000 ML55, and they are yellowing and did polish them, but they still look yellow.
I saw on Ebay with Bi-xenon and LEDs by Depo for like $450.
Anyone tried them?
Are these any good and since mine did not have bi-xenon, can they be wired
to my car?
The Hella's are quite expensive, almost like $800 per side.
and they also come in Bi-xenon, did not know if they work in my car.
Any suggestions would be great.
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OK, will try the 3M kit, I think I did it once like 2 years ago. May be I did not take all the oxidation off. I cannot remember if it comes with the sealer.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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