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Been lurking here a while, this has been a great source of info, lots of knowledgeable folks.

Quick newbie issue here on my new (to me) 2.3-16. I know this car has the rear Self-Leveling-Suspension. Accumulators were replaced by the PO before I took possession. Unladen, the car sits pretty much level front to rear. Ride seems normal: firm, but not bouncy or overly stiff. However, I'm not sure if the self-leveling function is working or not. When I load down the rear, and get it to sag a bit, it does not "level" itself out. I did notice that when starting the engine, I can hear a sound of escaping air down under the rear of the vehicle, near the driver-side rear axle. One time, I even could feel air coming out of the subframe plate where the jack-stand point is located. On subsequent tries I did not feel that airflow, but there is definately some kind of air connection loose down there. I thought the SLS was hydropneumatic (i.e. uses fluid, not air), so I'm not sure if this air leak has anything to do with the SLS. Any ideas?


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