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1990 300CE-24, 2000 ML55, 2005 CLK320 Cabriolet
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The differential bushings are cracked in my 1990 300CE and starts to have a loud knocking noise. I have the new bushings and also the tool to remove them.
I had done few years back in 1989 300TE wagon.
Support the differential with a jack and wood.
The way i remember was to disconnect the rear flex disk, remove it, slide back the universal shaft forward.
Remove the bolts of the CV joint on both sides of the differential. Detach the CV joint from the differential . Support the axles on both sides.
Remove any sensors on the differential.
Undo the bolts on the bushings and then lower the differential.
Remove the bushings and then install the bushings with same orientation.
Is this correct? As this is what I recollect.
Please let me know if I have missed anything that is critical.
Thanks a bunch
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