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Question: Should there be a humidity dew point sensor in 2006 C230?

I am having some issue with the climate control of my 2006 C230.

While checking the sesors, to my surprise, I found out that indeed there is no humidity dew point sensor installed in my car! --- After removing the cabin air filter, I can see there is only a seat for the humidity dew point filter on the side wall of the cabin air intake box (the rounded piece in blue in the picture).

I don't know someone worked on the car took it, or it is not needed for a C230 with non-digital climate control. Can someone owns a 2006 or 2007 C230 confirms if his/her car has the sensor?

The part number of the sensor is 211-830-05-72, according to WIS. It should be attached to the seat shown here.


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