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A question for any and all techies out there.

Some background:
The R171 SLK55 had no dipstick. It was therefore a big deal when shark22 made his discovery, posted some years back in this forum:

“Don't recall anyone posting this before, but I believe I have found a ‘hidden’ menu that shows the amount of engine oil in 10ths of a quart. To get to it, turn the key to the first accessory position, make sure the dash display shows the odometer, press the odometer reset button 3 times rapidly, and the display will show a digital voltage reading. Press the up arrow on the left side of the steering wheel once and then turn the ignition to the ‘on’ position (don't start the engine). Note that I have a 55, not sure if the 350 has the same feature.”

Bowing to “popular demand,” M-B engineers put a dipstick in the new SLK55. Unfortunately, they put the “max” and “min” marks on a red plastic fitting instead of on the usual steel blade. Result: when the oil is clean the level is unreadable. (My dealership’s service guys couldn’t read it either.)

Question: Is there a hidden menu in the R172, like the one discovered by shark22 in the R171?
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