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Last week I made a 6 metre x 2 metre steel trailer to haul firewood up the hill from the farm to our house. It will haul 12 m3 of timber at a time (about 3 cords or 5 tons for you imperial guys) With half a load, in 4WD, low case and full locks (although the front diff light kept flickering on and off), dry short cropped grass on about a 25 degree slope, all four wheels started spinning and I had to back down and choose an angled route and a bit more speed (which meant I then had to go back and collect the logs which fell off). Problem is the street tread of the tyres, I had plenty of grunt left.

So on our trade-me site, the NZ equivalent to E-bay, I bought a pair of tyre chains. Only I would rather jack and and unbolt the rims, keeping a set of worn tyres with chains installed for these applications. This being New Zealand, finding a cheap set of G-wagon steel wheels is not so easy, and I was wondering if there is another vehicle that uses the same bolt pattern and offset.

I did just buy a new set of four 205-16 Bridgestones sold by a company which buys new Toyotas and puts mud tyres on them, so I would rather put the new tyres on the replacement rims meaning they need to be safe on the road.

Anyone know if any other vehicles (including Jap trucks which are here by the boatload) use the same rim?

Toka in Auckland. NZ
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