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Question: Bulb Replacement in Fog Lights

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I updated my bulbs in my foglights and need to switch them out. Has anybody changed thiers out? Cant find out anything on the search. Was hoping I could find a "How to replace bulbs in fog lights" forum somewhere but had no luck. Please help!:dunno:
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well, what you have to do is:

1) jack the front of the car up - makes it much easier to change bulb this way

2) undo the screws which hold the plastic plate underneath the car - i think there are about 5 of these

3) Remove the bulb housing cover

4) Remove bulb - make sure you pay attention on how the bulbs remove so you can do the opposite when changing the bulb

4) Change bulb - it is a H1 bulb for yours - make sure it is properly connected by seeing if it works (saves a lot of time if its not!!)

6) Clip back the housing cover

7)Screw back on the plastic plate on the bottom

The first time you do it it may take a while in order to get your head round the whole concept and the bearings of the bulb - as it is quite dark in there and with limited visibility ( Unless you can jack the front of the car pretty high - in which case its a piece of cake)

hope this helps
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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