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Question about earlier model door swap for 2000

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I have a 2000 C280. For the most part the parts are interchangeable from 94-2000. So I bought a replacement door for mine which is rusted (mine). I am not sure the exact year of the door. Ok. So my door had an air bag in it. This door has no air bag and it doesn't have the cable that plugs into the air bag. That is the first difference. The second difference is that my door has a small plastic box beneath the mirror inside the door. I thought this was the mirror control because it looks like wires are going from it into the mirror. My replacement door does not have this box. It has two wires that go up into the mirror. Ok. I think that this door will fit and I think that the cables will all match up when I install it. But I am concerned because of the Airbag and the black module that the old door has but new one does not. Anybody know anything about this that might be helpful? Should I just swap them?
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There were 2 body styles in the 2000 C class range, 1 had round headlights, 1 had square, you might have the right year but wrong body shape?

These 2 are both 2000 year cars, the first one is a W202, the second is a W203, the body's are totally different and the doors would not be interchangeable.
Which vehicle do you have?

Or you might have the right door and need to fit your wiring etc to it?, is the door bare or does it have all its components?, do they look the same parts, handles etc?, only asking as i have seen people trying to fit a part to a car that was not the right model and they didnt even look the same.
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Can you drill the holes to match and just change over the components and wiring?
If your car has the module and airbag, it will look for it the first time you start the car and then throw up a SRS fault, plus I dont know how it is in the US, but disabling a airbag here attracts a huge fine.
They are there for a reason, namely your safety, so would be best to retrofit the new door with the components from the old door, then you will have no grief with warning lights ect and possibly a SRS system that wont work effectively in the event of a accident.
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