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Question about coolant amount

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I have a 94 C220 and am wondering how much coolant it takes if I want to do a flush. Is it 8 L total (50/50 with distilled)? And is this amount in reference to filling half way up the expansion tank? I'd like to know the exact amount because I am going to back calculate the ratio of coolant to mix (a little over 50%) based on the engine block being filled with 100% distilled after I flush.
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8l should be total system fill so 50/50 is 4L and 4L. also keep in mind that the system does not completely drain out some of it is stuck in the heater core
If you turn the ignition key without starting the car, then turn the heater and fan on to max you should-according to my mechanic- get most of the coolant in the heater core out.

I did this and found more coolant drained out, pretty close to 8 litres.
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