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Question About Climate Control Connector 06 Mercedes E350

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ok so the other day i had to pull the controls for AC, Fan, Temp about nav screen and somehow i broke the connector for the smallest of the plugs on the left side of the unit if your looking down at it while its still connected to the car. does anyone know what this goes to or where i can find that info? Also where can i get a replacement connector, i just want to make sure i get the right one? I can open it up and take a pic if needed.

I'm wondering if this plug being disconnected would cause the temp of my air not to change really at all but it defiantly dont get hot at all and from what i know the heat and everything was working before pulling unit out breaking connector.
This isnt my unit but the same one, im pretty sure connector i broke was from the smallest of the connects back there, the 1 on the left in the top pic.

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ok i will pull it back out later today, in the top pic from my original post its the plug on the far left. So could this be why my air temp isnt changing or is my heat issue likely something else?
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