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Quality Control list

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May be we should start a alist of thing to watch out for upon delivery.Such as tge roof problem seat belt isue,.....etc...
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Photos describing #4...

I posted a tip about these "bumper" pads when I got my first SLK350 back in September. I added some photos to a new folder in the gallery (see link below). I hope people don't mind me using the gallery for technical tips and other "how to" topics. It seems to be easier to find things in the gallery than to search through old postings. Of course that could be because hardly anyone but me makes use of the R171 gallery.

malibuite - 1/28/2005 3:51 PM

Wow, this will really come in handy when my car arrives! I am not sure I understand what to look for in #4. Has someone actually had this problem?
possible "bug" with gallery

Motzkoman - You may have answered a question I have been wondering about. Whenever you create a folder in the public gallery, the folder also appears in your "personal" space on the forum. When you create a photo album in your own personal space, it is NOT displayed in the public gallery. Apparently, any photo posted will be attributed to the creator of the photo album or folder. I posted a photo to the "SLK R171" folder and sure enough ScottMarbella is credited with posting the picture.

Motzkoman - 1/28/2005 8:40 PM


I access the photo gallery and appreciate your efforts.

I actually put two photos in the r171 folder, but they came up as posted by ScottMarbella. I just sent an email to the forum this week for the second time, but have had no reply.[:(!]
And another thing about the gallery....

If you post a photo to a folder created by another member, you will not be able to delete the photo. Only the "owner" of the folder can delete the photo.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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