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Quality Control list

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May be we should start a alist of thing to watch out for upon delivery.Such as tge roof problem seat belt isue,.....etc...
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RE: Quality Control list / emial pre-delivery

I found the quality checklist most helpful when I had my car delivered. I compiled a very similar list from posts before. I checked the rubber pads, the bodywork alignment which someone had a problem with, under the front airdam for scrathes and scrapes, and many more things.

I also wrote him an email before delivery, describing a number of things I wanted them to check before delivery (many of which I picked up on this forum). This saved time on the day of delivery. See below for the key points from this email.

My dealer waited very patiently for me to finish with my rather thorough inspection. Happy to say, I found nothing wrong. Well worth the effort though.

Ps. My car was delivered with 15km/9 miles on the odometer. See 2. below.


Extracts from the email before delivery...

1. I do not want holes drilled in the front bumper...

2. You have given me an undertaking to ensure that the vehicle is driven the absolute minimum before delivery, and certainly not for purposes other than one road inspection. I appreciate that and count on it.

3. I understand that Mercedes uses fully synthetic oil. Could you please confirm that this will be the case with this car, and confirm with me upon delivery.

4. Please ensure that the fabric wind deflector, the tool to remove the antenna, and other standard accessories are with the car.

5. Please do not put any stickers on the car. [personal choice]

6. I have read about some customers who had problems with noise inside the car with the roof up. This was solved with the application of silicone on some rubber seals. (Mercedes recall / technical solution.)

7. I also read that some customers had issues with

a. wheel alignment
b. some suspension issues?
c. some COMAND systems did not have the latest software installed in its memory.

Please ensure that all these and other recall issues have been attended to.

Thank you...
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