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Quality Control list

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May be we should start a alist of thing to watch out for upon delivery.Such as tge roof problem seat belt isue,.....etc...
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mazeeka - 1/28/2005 10:49 AM

May be we should start a alist of thing to watch out for upon delivery.Such as tge roof problem seat belt isue,.....etc...
Here's an old list I started compiling from previous post:

1. Check for scratches under the lower edge of front bumper cover

2. Check for paint chips along the rear edge of the hood where someone may have inadvertently lifted the wiper arm into the hood edge. A paint chip on the wiper arm itself should raise some suspicions.

3. Check panel alignment below doors

4. Check to make sure that both rubber bumpers on the lower rear edge of the rear window are in place. These bumpers protect the plastic cover in side the trunk from being scratched by the window frame which rests on the cover when the top is down. You can only see these while the top is in the process of being lowered.

5. Check the tire pressure.

6. Inspect whole car for dings, dents and scratches, including alloy wheels.

7. Inspect interior for scrapes, etc.

Make sure everything you ordered is actually there, including accessories.

Check spare tire and the special lug nuts that it may need.
Check fabric wind deflector

Check operation of major functions like air conditioning, Airscarf, Nav system, CD changer, interior lighting, power seats, heated seats, and so forth.
Put the top up and check for wind noise and creaks/rattles from the roof.

a couple of thoughts....check the windshield and other glass surfaces for chips,cracks and scratches... check the tires and rims for any sign of
abuse...check the headlights as well for any imperfections....

Check the seats.

1- Make sure there are no damages to the leather.

2 - Make user there is no squeeking noise when you sit and rock the seats back and forth, etc.

Check that the VIN number is the same as we have been told.

I had my first broken part....the pin holding the hinge of the plastic shell retaining shield in the trunk broke causing the hinge to come loose and the shield to come off track....naturally they had to order the part....could have been worse- it could have been the roof !

Plastic aerial tool to remove it

You have the correct mats

Remote roof works, if you have chosen it

Have someone else with you to check the paint work.

Check the roof cover is flush when roof is down

Full tank of petrol

Drive the car at a high enough speed to verify that it does not pull to one side or the other.

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I access the photo gallery and appreciate your efforts.

I actually put two photos in the r171 folder, but they came up as posted by ScottMarbella. I just sent an email to the forum this week for the second time, but have had no reply.[:(!]

Thanks for clearing that up...the logic actually makes sense to me...I am only disappointed that I never heard back from the forum moderators...

You are one of our best resources...THANKS...[:D][8D][:D]
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