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Mercedes 280SE Zender 1983
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Hi folks!!

I'm quite new at this forum but I'm born and raised in the back seat of several w114, w108 and other MB's. Now that I'm grown up I even use the front seat in my w126.

BUT, as many of you know, it's an expencive habit with todays gas-price so I intend to convert my beauty to diesel.

First; I need to change the rear axle beacuse the 3:63 ratio sucks big time. I have chance to get my hands on a 420SE -88 axle but does it fit? How much do I have to take from the 88 to fit my 83? Only transmission or complete axle? Iguess I need to use the sensor for the speedometer from the 420 as well.

Extras; I haven't decided what engine to fit. It feels like I have three choices;

The old 300D
250TDT (10v or 20v)
300TDT (12v or 24v)

The later models should fit quite fine if I use enginemounts from the 300se i belive. I'd prefer a turbo engine. But I don't want to ruin the car to much since it's a quite uniqe Zender model.

PLEASE EXCUSE MY POOR ENGLISH!!! I'm from Sweden you know. All we do is drink beer and wrestle polarbears cheerd on by beautiful blonds. Language never helps in those situations.

Stay German

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