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I have a 62 220seb conv. that has some strange bolts that I have not seen on other similar cars. I'm hoping someone here can give me some insight.

There are four bolts. Two near the floor in front of the back seat, one on each side of the hump in the middle. The other two bolts are near the back windows. My guess is that they are for seat belts, but there are no bolts on the floor near the doors. So they could be for a shoulder strap, without a lap belt.

The other intriguing thing is that the two bolts near the floor are not directly opposite each other. The bolt on the passenger side is further forward than the one on the driver side.

Here are pictures:

Again, these really look like seat belt bolts, but there are no bolts near the floor by the doors for attaching the outside end of a lap belt.

Any insight?
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