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Hi a friend of mine crashed his 97 S500 Coupe. He had 20' Kellner Sport (20x9)wheels on it<br>
with 255/35/20 on the front<br>
and 285/30/20 on the back<br>
I have a 97 E420 Sport stock height<br>
I put both front and back wheels on the rear of my car and there was no rubbing. THe biggest problem i'm facing is this the S class uses a 14mm Shorter Bolt with a conical fitting<br>
I need a 12mm with the same fitting to brace the wheel and the same length. Any idea? I want to use the 20's so if anyone knows anything. Luke at tireack has been a great help and i'm getting the tires from him. But if anyone knows if i need spacers or anythign else let me know!!
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