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Over weekend put some very slightly used (almost new had 300 miles on em) 05 E55 AMG wheels and tires. I will post pics in next day or so, my digi camera took a crap.

QUICK Review:

The wheels fit but you have to get shorter lug bolts. Our car is already lowered w/ H&R and Koni's. With the 05 E55 AMG wheels they rub a little when going in reverse and turning the wheel as if leaving a parking space and cutting the wheel when in reverse. ALso dip imperfections in the road you can hear that quick squish sound from it rubbing.

The stock E55 have a 245/40/18 up front plus due to what appears to be a lower offset in front, the wheel comes out to fender more so than a stock CLK wheel. The rears sit in closer to the hub I assume from higher offset in rear. Overall it still looks 1000% better than the 17" stockers. Probably if you use a recommended 235 or stretch a 225 up front it may eliminate all or most of any rubbing issues there, but not sure. They look oh so much better than the puny 17" stockers that came with the car, and the car rides more stable and grips much better. Also the gap is filled in very nicely.

Next is Supersprint exhaust and center pipe. The rear muffler section is back order 3 weeks :( I'll post a review after installed with some pics of course.

Ill get some pics up shortly of the wheel swap. Sorry for the tease.
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