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Pushing your W123 to its limits

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Since alot of you have already owned your W123 for years and even since new, what do you have to say about its handling?

Here are a few things I have observed. Once too often my car has caught me by surprise when it proved to me that you can push it and still would remain confident and perform that maneuver conservatively. I don't mind that its high center of gravity will induce pronounced body roll. For some reason it does things so confidently as if to say "Don't worry, leave it all to me." Also, when in heavy rain I noticed the weight of the car helps alot when you hit a large puddle of water at speed.
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My two most recent cars were a 2001 Volvo S60 (base trim) and my 1980 300TD. The wagon handles a lot better than the new Volvo ever did.

For instance, there is one highway exit on my daily commute, where in the Volvo it felt like you were going too fast if you hit 40. It really felt much safer at 35.

In the wagon, you can be going 45+ and it still feels like you're not going very fast. I am constantly having to slow down for the people ahead of me.

I found it really surprising - Volvos aren't exactly POS cars and this is a 25 year old station wagon!
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