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I want to purge my '84 300SD's engine, but can't find Lubro Moly Diesel Purge in the local stores. I've seen some references to using Automatic Transmission Fluid instead. Can you weigh in with your opinions/experiences on purging in general, and using ATF vs Diesel Purge in particular?

Also, I'm interested in cleaning my port injectors. Anyone have a link to instructions?

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Diesel Giant has the purge, it can be bought online here and many other suppliers:

Back to the  Mercedes Diesel parts for sale

In fact, you need to get used to the idea most of what you need will be found online – McParts won’t have items for our cars.

ATF is used to lube the IP and does little to clean the injectors. ATF in the tank (a quart) once a month or so is good PM to keep the top of the IP lubricated. When replacing the canister fuel filter, it’s also a good idea to fill the new filter with ATF before installing.

DG’s also has the purge process:

Diesel Purge Mercedes diesel maintenance tips

Purging cleans the injectors.

You can also do a search in the 123 forum, lots of info on 617 care.

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I would suggest first things first...

They are two very good fuel system cleaners out there - BG 44K and Techron - and either can be used to clean up the system a bit, applies to gas or diesels, great for both !

Best done immeditely before a oil change, run the tank down below 1/4, add the fuel system cleaner, top off to a full tank.... run thru that tank and a second tank...

For really bad fouling, I suggest going thru 2 applications of the same product, total 4 tanks of fuel - then go for a oil change (since some of the solvent and byporucts get into the oil from blowback)...

You investment will be total under $20 (make sure to use the large bottle of Techron, not the small bottle) and you won't have touched a wrench.

If that doesn't bring your perfomance up, then you could consider a "purge" your choice at a reasonable priced shop or DIY.

Note, routine use of either BG 44K or Techron, one bottle and (2) tankfuls before each oil change can really-really help long term reliability and performance.

On diesels, it is not uncommon for a owner, who has not regularly run a fuel system cleaner, to get past the point of no return and rebuilt injectors
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