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Purchased a 1999 C-230 Kompressor to restore....looking for the first aid kit trim piece in the upper rear deck

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Hello all. I purchased or should I say, stole a 1999 C-230 Kompressor and am now in the restoration phase. It was an illegal park at the local mall and sat in our salvage yard for 3 months. This thing was seriously neglected but totally fixable. I told the boss to go ahead an apply for title and I would pay to have a key made. If it ran I would purchase it from him. I pulled the battery and put it on charge while waiting on the key. Installed the battery and lo and behold it started. I got the car for $500.00. So here we are almost a year later and the process is still going. Here's what I have done to it so far after removing about 5 grocery bags of garbage out of battery, new motor mounts, reupholstered the headliner and pillars, replaced seatbacks, installed an aftermarket radio, replaced 4 blown speakers, powder coated the rims as they were very corroded, replaced the relay for the power seat adjustment, replaced the rear view mirror, replaced the rear deck speaker covers, replaced the front dash tweeter speakers and covers, replaced the third tail light, replaced a seeping radiator, replaced the valve cover gasket, replaced the spark plugs, replaced the coil packs, new engine oil and filter, new transmission fluid and filter to include draining the torque converter, replaced the rear head rests, replaced the transmission rubber disconnect (Guibo Disk i think it's called), repaired the center console, repaired the drivers side vanity mirror light and visor, replaced about 15 or 20 pieces of broken interior trim for seats and doors. repaired both driver side and passenger side mirrors to include covers and electrical motors, repaired the overhead lights front and back, repaired the glove compartment light, repaired tail lights, repaired license plate lights, and installed missing jackpad cover.

So needless to say it's getting close to prepping the body for paint. 4 or 5 very small dents to pull and patch and a small rust spot on the bottom of the passenger rear door. Things left to do.....put a new radio antenna in and replace the first aid kit trim/latch in the upper rear deck.

Herein lies the problem....I have searched exhaustively on the internet....but maybe I'm not looking in the right places for the trim piece/latch for the first aid kit....I did have an entire new deck on order through a company and they just stopped all communication and won't answer their phones or emails any more after giving me a [email protected]#$% answer about it being on backorder with Germany.....well fellas that was a year ago and it still hasn't shown up....oh and they didn't refund any of my outstanding part money either. I just gave up and kept it moving.....Karma will get them. So if any of you fine gentlemen have a good lead on this part it would be greatly appreciated....the problem is that it sits up in the rear window and after almost 20 years of sun beating down on it it literally becomes so brittle it dusts as soon as you try to remove it from any donor cars.
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What color is your interior? I'll try to get one this weekend if I find one at the yard.
Sorry khomer2 not familiar with that. Black grey blue or tan?
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