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2002 E430 Sport
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I am looking into getting another W210 and looking at an E55.
Here are the details:

2000 E55
130,000 miles
Exterior: 8/10 (garage kept - and it shows!)
Interior: 7/10 (moderate wear on seats/steering wheel)
2 owners (original owner leased/second owner CPO)
Dealer maintained
Clear title/no accidents
Options: Navigation, rear sunshade, xenons, headlight washers, sunroof, phone, heated seats, Bose, CD changer, multicontour seats, blue tint

Cons: cats never replaced (currently not bad), rear sunshade non-functional, curb rash on monoblocks, needs belt & idler pulley, needs fluid flushes, and other misc items.

What is this car worth?
Is the mileage too high for an AMG?
Any potential issues to look for?

Thanks in advance!

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Use for the best 3rd party tool for impartial value, should hit around $8K.

However, your "cost of ownership" is best gauged before purchase with a thorough Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI) by a compentant MB indie, which is the best $250 investment with your car that you will ever make.

The major cost issues associated with a 130K W210 E55:

1) rubber - with the staggered tire configuaration make sure the factory spare is in place since that special tire is designed to run without triggering ETS etc for either the front or rear. Replacement rubber all around can run from $800 low for 10K burners, to $1300 or so for better quality 15K-20K tires (however full 30K warranty tire life will not happen with a e%%, really).

2) front brakes the rotors are special double face and cost and aftermarket sourcing of the front rotors will still put you back about $450, fortunately the front rotors will run out to 100K, so your front rotors need to be looked at to see if they have been replaced.

3) Tranny is the "biggest" soft spot since the original MB spec "sealed for life" was incorrect. Tranny service at a indie for a pan pull and partial fluid replacement can run like $375. The full fluid replacement procedure here as a DIY is much better, but requires diligent "surgery" quality protocol. A PPI the indie will look at the fluid in the tranny for sings of "burn". Unless records show tranny service you need to dig into the tranny, its a rugged tranny, but propoer service is a a issue. The $15 original tranny connector plug has to be checked for leakage, DIY job is simple, and if leaking needs quick replacement,

4) MAF should be replaced with genuine Bosch part, around $150 from source like

6) Plug replacement over 100K, OE plugs (current OE spec replacements) using a MB spark plug removal toolo for around $30. A $150 DIY job

7) Fresh OE filters, Mann for air filters (two will set you back around $35), fleece oil filter around $16, same aftermarket source listed about.

8) Bosch fuel filter around $35, same source, simple DIY will some extra standard hose clamps to replace the tricky MB clamps.

9) Front end bushing at 130K will definitely need inspection and probable replacement - most owners improperly diagnose "rough ride" as shocks, but 90% of the time will be front suspension. Under normal circumstance shocks will run out to 200K. If looking at shocks, most online guides show incorrect Bilstein replacement #'s, there are posts here with the correct part#'s if you go to do that job.

10) Rear end fluid replacement, a relatively easy DIY, or affordable indie service

11) aircon evac/refill around $80 is prudent. Another common failure can be the evaporator temp sensor which is like $35, a easy DIY

12) Brake light switch is common failure/replacement use dealer part for like $20

13) Headlight lense cleanup with EZ Off oven cleaner used on a rag (dont get on the paint) followed by a damp cloth wipe off) and get them polished by Walmart for $35
after removal of the discoloring protective coat removed with EZ Off

14) E55 seat leather can be borught back amazing supple and well with Leatherque pristine clean treatment (2 part treatment) around $35 available from them directly.

15) rear sunscreen problem most likely either a fuse, or a dirty console switch that often can be brought back using MAF cleaner or DeoxIt contact cleaner

16) Check the headlight washers for operation, sometime a screw or headlight washer nozzle needs to be replaced

17) Do a battery check (under the back seat), understand any work with the battery disconnect MUST be with key OUT of the ignition on the disconnect/reconnect

18) Check readouts on the cluster carefully for replacement bulb issues and/or bad pixels.

19) Lean how to do a tranny/ECU reset with the key, a 3 minute procedure that brings back original factory defaults for a real "zoom" factor.

Sounds like a lot, but not really, just ouching base with most of the common issues - actually the W210 E55 is as "close" to bombprof as you can get, but you have to have your head up BEFORE your purchase. Do a search for the Car and Driver comparision of the E55 as a best buy for a used performance sedan under $25K, on a E55 with close to 200K miles.

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What boost: fabbrids1 said it all!!!

I also, cannot stress the fact that a PPI is a must prior to any purchase.

High mileage shouldnt really be a major put of....if you read the Car & Driver article below that fabbrids1 mentioned:

1999?2002 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG - 1999?2002 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG - Car and Driver

If the car has been dealer maintened, that means it should have full service history, thats a major plus at this high mileage.
Black on black in my opinion is a nice color combo on the e55 and this particular e55 seems to be fully optioned i.e with satnav/rear sunshade.

Good luck.

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The PPI is a MUST. I was looking at 2 MBs in the past and after the inspection, I didn't buy either. One was involved in a crash, latest service hadn't been done even though the dealer said it had been, and the other had a leaking head gasket that I could not see.
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