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purchase or not

That all depends on your priorities...

I personally worship how the w140 looks, i think its the most intimidating most powerful looking benz every made. The w126 is my second favorite, i vote that over the new s class on outside look.. i actually owned a 90 300se...

So if you like the w140 and you always wanted one and you can afford it, then go get one.....

But if you love ur current 300se and its working fine and you dont have the strong urge to purchase a
w140, then stick with it..

If you decide to buy a w140, and you can afford one, i recommend you buy a 96 and up...because the first few year of a new model had some problems to be tweeked over the first few years... As i said if money is no object buy a 97 or up s500 or s600...if money is an issue get a 96 s320 or s420.

If money is very tight and you want that new 300se...look up private party value, and if you can get it at that or cheaper, thats a great deal. Have checked by mechanic first though...

good luck

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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