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1991 300SE
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Hey..I'm new to the forum..glad I found the site though..anyway..

I currently own a 91 300SE, awesome benz, love it, but thinking about buying a 93 300SE. Looks great and the owner has records of everything. Wondering if anyone has any intput on whether I should purchase or's a list of what he's had repaired/maintained:

"The following items have been replaced; Radiator, Antenna Assembly, Vacuum Pump (for automatic door and trunk closures), Blower Motor Sublet and New Climate Control Sublet (for Air Conditioner). "

Car looks great, even with 118k miles on it, and I'd definitely have it checked out by my mech...but the price seems "fair" - so I thought I'd ask anyone's input..should I go for the new 300 or stick with my old school big body benz? lol -

thanks for any info anyone can pass along
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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