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Pumpkin swap surprises?

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Well, with premium about $3.15 here in Richmond, I am going to swap out the 3.27 differential on my 1989 300TE for the 3.07 I picked up on eBay last year (mine was noisy on the acceleration side anyway....but I love the git up and go!) With a tune up and new (Mustang O2 sensor-$36) I have picked up the mileage into the 20 mpg range, from about 15 mpg before, now that I am over the "damn this car is fast" stage; and I'm looking for a few more mpgs, a few less revs on the highway, and a little bit more of the quiet ride.

Are there any big surprises I should know about? It looks fairly straight forward, but it never hurts to ask the collective wisdom.............well?
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I had to replace the carrier rear mounts (2) on my 260 when I installed the 3.07 gears. Both of them were shot.

I also replaced both side seals. Oh, and I'd buy an ABS speed sensor o-ring in advance since both the one on my 260 and the one on my 300 donor car broke when I pulled out the sensors.

The only other thing I can think of is that there are shims placed at the carrier front mount and they determine pinion angle.

You want to look at markings on the carrier at the front mount boss. IIRC there are some marking there and they indicate the shim thickness. I was lucky in that I could swap the shims from my donor 300E. Did you get the shims with your ebay purchase?
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