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Pully Question

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The waterpump just went out on my 96 S600 with 105k miles. Not bad. Fortunately for me I was a 1/2 block from the house. I'm looking up parts and I need to replace everything and have found all but the tensioner pully. My questions are:

1) Are the pullys for the idler and tensioner the same?

2) When replacing the thermostat, do I have to replace the housing too?

3) Do you reccommend replacing the belt tensioner mechanism too?

Thank you for your input.
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1...No different sizes different mountings
2 not unless you have significant pitting and surface deterioration..
3 Yes because if you dont it will come back and bite you..

Question.. what makes you think it is the water pump that has failed ?

Brett is the guy to ask for guidance and help on this..
then thats a belt replacement first.. not a pump... the idler pully and the tensioner pully and the water pump you can check when you have the belt off...
that one from the bottom makes me feel really bad about how dirty my pump is and the rest of it as well almost makes me want to change mine.. but not quite yet.. good work so any other problems?
Ah no dont do that you will kill it...Clean by hand not by steam...
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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