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2007 GL450
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Hi everyone,

My puck went out and I'm not sure if I goofed something up with the settings or if I just need to get a new puck.

I was using my phone (Sprint with an HTC Evo 4G LTE) with the bluetooth just fine, then a couple of days ago I noticed that when I try to make a call everything seems to work fine (the stero is muted, the display on my phone shows a connected call, the command screen shows a call connected) but I cannot hear the caller and they can't hear me.

If I switch the phone from bluetooth to handset then I can use my phone fine, but that defeats the hands free functionality.

I restarted my phone, deleted the MB PhoneSystem from the paired devices and re-paired it, but nothing.

I've undocked the puck from the center console and reconnected it and gone through the entire pairing process again.

None of this works and I'm beginning to wonder if I have a serious issue.

I have a 2007 GL450 with navi, iphone connector and the rear passenger DVD players. I'm not sure what that package is called but hopefully this makes sense.

Does anyone have any advice/information?


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