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I won a pair of "spyder" brand projectors for my 98 on eBay for about 125 bucks to replace my pitted, cracked and water damaged headlights. I had been debating on whether or not to do this mod for years, but I couldn't pass on a set for so little money.

The build quality is nice. Almost on par with the factory set I pulled from the car. The beam pattern is definitely alright. Some stray bits of light here and there, but it is an improvement, contrary to what other users have experienced.

I can't help but think they look kind of goofy, especially with this being a pre facelift model. It isn't helping that the fitment is a little odd. The blinker/low beam seems to be in place, but the high beam/parking light seems off. Is there a trick to getting these seated properly? Has anyone purchased a set of projectors from spyder auto? Its probably nothing more than the fact that these are just dirt cheap aftermarket junk, but maybe someone has some insight.
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