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Adams Premium Car Care Products Product Review, Part 2

Car detailed: 1999 Mercedes Benz SLK230 Sport, my Garage Queen, in Magma Red.

Car Condition: Mostly pristine, except for some minor swirling on the paint.

Adam’s Products Used:
1. Adam’s Instructional DVD
2. All Purpose Cleaner
3. Car Wash
4. Professional Wash Pad
5. Synthetic Foam Wash Pad
6. Wash Bucket with Grit Guard
7. Fine Machine Polish.
8. Detail Spray
9. Machine Super Wax
10. Buttery Wax
11. In & Out Spray
12. VRT (Vinyl, Rubber and Tire Dressing) and Foam Applicators
13. Glass Cleaner
14. Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloths
15. Microfiber Applicator Pads

Other Products Used:
1. Flex Tools XC 3401 VRG Polisher (I will do a separate review on this tool)
2. Green Foam German Polishing Pad (From Proper Auto Care)
3. Red Foam Finishing Pad (From Proper Auto Care, for applying wax)

This is the second in a planned series of reviews on Adam’s Premium Car Care Products. I plan on doing several types of vehicles in various states of condition to fully evaluate the capabilities of Adam’s products. Some of my write ups here will seem like duplicates from Part 1 but that is only because my experiences with the products gave me the same results.

Wheels, Tires and Wheel Wells

Again, like my first vehicle, I began with the wheels and tires, including the wheel wells, by applying Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner. I applied to the wheel wells first, then the tires and lastly the wheels. I worked the wheel wells and tires with a long handled semi stiff brush. I then moved to the wheels (chromed AMG wheels), using a boar’s hair brush and a sheepskin mitt. Rinse thoroughly, starting with the wheels as I wanted to minimize the solution on wheel time. My wheels and wheel wells came out sparkling clean after only one application. After the car was completely washed and waxed, I finished the tires with Adam’s VRT (Vinyl Rubber and Tire Dressing). This dressing again produced a nice look to my tires. I got the nice matte black finish that I like. For this vehicle I skipped the Invisible Undercarriage Spray as my wheel wells are not black, but rather red to match the exterior of the car.

Engine Bay
My engine bay is literally showroom clean so all I had to do here was a light wipe down, using the All Purpose cleaner in a very few places followed by a very light rinse. I finished up by applying In & Out spray to some of the plastics that showed slight evidence of fading. This really brought them back to life and restored the showroom appearance of the parts.

Wash, Polish and Wax

Again, begin by putting the Grit Guard in the bottom of the bucket then using the Adam’s Professional Wash Pad, I applied a small amount of the Adam’s Car Wash to the pad and put it in the bucket and started adding my water. The Professional Wash Pad is a large pad with a consistency equivalent to a sheepskin mitt, but completely synthetic. It is soft and works just like sheepskin. Due to its size you can’t get the nooks and crannies with it so I used my sheepskin mitt for those places. I was again very happy with the suds produced by the Car Wash. This Car Wash is VERY concentrated so a small amount goes a long way and produces a LOT of suds.

Starting from the top, I rinsed the car down thoroughly. Once the car was completely rinsed, I started from the top, one panel at a time using the Professional Wash Pad. For places on the lower body and front bumper where I had to get a bug guts, tar and other nasty things, I used the scrubbing side of the Synthetic Foam Wash Pad. Again, the wash rinsed easily and did a good job getting off the stubborn spots. Here I also had a few spots where there was tar that wouldn’t come off, but a quick squirt of the All Purpose Cleaner and a little light rubbing got off the tar without much effort. Following a complete wash I dried the entire car using the Jumbo Microfiber Waffle-Weave Microfiber Drying Towel. I really like this towel. Fine mists of the Adam’s detail spray while drying helped me get a uniform, spot free dry. Be sure to wash your drying towel before each use.

Before polishing, I first tested the paint to see if I needed to clay. Using a plastic baggie I felt the paint and did not feel any contaminants so I skipped the clay step. This paint contained just a modest amount of light swirling so I opted to use the less aggressive Adam’s Fine Machine Polish. I attached my Velcro backing plate to the Flex polisher and mounted the Green German Paint Pad which has a moderate amount of cutting ability. Not as aggressive as a wool pad, but more than enough for this job. Mist the pad with a little water prior to each application of the polish. I have found that this helps prevent caking. Again, starting on the roof then working my way around the car I polished the entire vehicle surface working on about a 2 ft square area at a time. I used the Microfiber Polishing Cloths and the Adam’s Detail Spray to remove the Polish after I had finished each section. The Detail Spray made the removal of the polish much easier and helped insure that I got all of the residue, leaving nothing but pristine paint when I was finished. This polish was a nice thick consistency and was easy to work with. I had no problem removing any of the paint imperfections. When I was done the imperfections were gone and I was pleased with the shine.

I had a choice of using the Adam’s Buttery Wax or the Machine Super Wax. I decided to layer the 2 waxes, first using the Machine Super Wax, then follow with a hand applied coat of the Buttery Wax. For the Machine Super Wax I used my red pad, which has no cutting ability, to apply the wax. I applied it as before and the application ease was the same. After giving the wax 45 minutes or so to bond and cure, I started removal using one of the Microfiber Polishing Cloths and the Adam’s Detail Spray. The wax removed easily. On a scale of 1 – 10 the effort required to get this wax off and buff to a shine was around a 3. Then I started with the application of the Buttery Wax. Nice smelling stuff. This should be applied by hand using the microfiber applicator pad. Mist the pad with water before you start. This wax is substantial and takes a bit of effort to apply, but it goes on smoothly and evenly. This too, I gave 45 minutes to an hour to dry then removed it with a microfiber polishing cloth and mists of the Detail Spray. It is absolutely essential to use the Detail Spray for ease and completeness of removal. The end product was a deep, rich, wet looking shine that I have not seen very many times except on some properly prepared brand new cars.

Miscellaneous Details

Moving on to the interior and other details, I wiped the interior vinyl and rubber with VRT. It was a little shiner that I had expected but gave it a rich new look nonetheless. I also applied the VRT to my rubber all season floor mats. It made them look brand new without any slick feeling. I cleaned the windows and mirrors using Adam’s Glass Cleaner. I was just as pleased here as I was on the first car. I ended up with clean, streak free windows.

Final Thoughts

After completing my second car with Adam’s products I am convinced that my pleasure with the products on the first car was not a fluke. I am every bit as pleased with my results on the SLK as I was on the VW. My next car will be my Honda Passport daily driver…this one is a real mess and should prove to be a real test for these products. Stay tuned!
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