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Problems with my CL500 - Please help

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Hey everyone I just bought a CL500 - 2000 (w215) and I got screwed pretty bad I realise now, well let's start.


1. My passenger window works when it's supposed to open, but when I'm trying to shut it, it keeps stopping and sometimes bounce back down abit, so I have to press the UP button like 55times and if I'm lucky it shuts completely.

2. Sunroof flicked up in the back and wouldn't shut either so I guess so the people before me have broken some plastic parts in for it, where can I buy repair parts for that? And it deffo won't open.

3. Probably the most annoying one, on the drivers side the lock button or whatever you call it won't open or lock without me doing it manually, note passenger side is fine, it's like it's stuck halfway down. So I lock the car usually and then use the manual key in the door and lock it that way, same method to open it but in the reversed way obviously.

4. The drivers side speaker won't work either only the passenger side works.

That's the major problems I have with the car, I have a new battery in the car which is not original but that can't play any part into these problems right?

Anyone who could take their precious time and help me with these problems? I'm really clueless atm

Thanks anyway:grin
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