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Hi all.
I recently purchased a C230 CDi 2003 model. I had it shipped over to Cyprus and have since found a few problems with it.
I don't really trust any mechanics here yet so i hope someone can give me some hints so i can go to a garage armed with some knowledge on what's going on.

Problem 1.
When i start my engine it starts, the revs build up and then dies. It then takes several minutes of retrying to get it going. Once its going i get absolutely no problems at all.

Problem 2.
When i start moving i get a grinding noise coming from behind the console. It's as if something is catching somewhere. Like the lollypop sticks we used to tie on to our bicycle wheels when we were kids. How far down it is i don't know but my guess is that the car has been in a knock because the steering wheel looks a bit suspect. The buttons are slightly off. When pressing the volume button sometimes the horn blows! So it seems maybe a piece of glass may be stuck in the air con system and is causing this noise. It sounds louder the faster i go and stops when the car stops. Also it changes when cornering.

Well if anyone can make some suggestions on those i would be much obliged.

Thanks :confused:
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