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I own an Mercedes ML 420 CDI and last year I've opted for an version I Brabus braking kit (front only, 6 pistons).

BRABUS high-performance brake system Version I (not for AMG ML 63)

consisting of:
2 six-piston-aluminium-fixed front calipers,
2 vented, cross-drilled front discs (375 x 35 mm),
steelflex brake hoses, brake pads and installation hardware
The car had about 5000 Km on board when the kit was mounted.
The new braking system is excellent, except a few problems:

1. A very annoying squeaking sound at low speeds. It was very loud, unbearable !

2. At about 18 000 Km I've replaced those brakes pads by request.
The pads had some metal bullets that dug DEEP into the braking disk.

3. The new pads (softer as the Brabus seller told me) where better.
Indeed, I had no problems with the sound, but after 20 000 Km (NOW) I see the pad replacement Indicator.


1. It's normal to change the pads after 20 000 Km? I'm an usual driver, nothing very sporty.
I still own my old 60 000 Km BMW X3 and the brake disk is not very used...

2. My Alcon brake disks have now deep ditches in the middle. It's not smooth and it's very used.

At this rate, at 60 000 Km, I'll have to change the disk !
It's not cheap...

The local Brabus dealer is evasive, but it's normal here :(
I live in Romania.


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