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Can someone please help me in deciding with purchase of 300se 1992.
The car is in perfect condition, two owners, all service books,only 113000 km, serviced by merc dealer.
Can you give me tips for what to look for, what are the common problems etc.
Any tip would be werry appriciated.

Regards Zac[?]

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Mine had all service done..... and currenly only has 120,000 miles

Others have had issues with V6 "head gaskets" on the 300's in addition to the below on my V8 M119 engine.

Air Con failure - $4000ish
Gear selector light failure
Dashboard lights
Steering Grear Leak at seals - $400ish for reseal kit
Central lock failure $700ish behind rear seat
PSE Pump Failure - 700ish -trunk
Water leak - New Water Pump
Transmission flaring between gears - Rebuilt at 115,000 miles $2,800
Oil leak at front of both cam shaft seals $300ish
Oil leak from valve cover 200ish
Drive shaft linkage worn
Ventilation blower motor failure $400ish
Radio Amp replacement $500ish
Radio Tuner replacement $100ish
New engine wiring harness $600ish (mignt not be that expensive on a V6)
Headlamp wiper failure
Break in front glass at base of window - just sealed
New control arms both upper and lower
Ball Joints 2 times
torsion bar (Normal Wear)
steeing shock (normal wear)
sway bar bushings (normal wear)
most all the hoses on the engine

and the normal maintenance items like brakes and rotors, etc...

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u guys need to realize you arent getting a new car... these cars have a little age, and time wears them out.... if u dont want any problems, buy yourself a new car and be done with it....when u buy a new car, u have a payment every month... wwith a used car, u pay it off, have no payments but something might break or go wrong, thats the risk u take when getting a used vehicle, any vehicle, not just mercedes....


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Common weak points. Most are included in rsmcmahon's list, but

I thought I'd highlight the common failures that I've learned about since watching this board.

Air conditioning evaporator
window regulators
closing assist pump (if your 300 has it)
central locking pump
engine wiring harness (any wiring harness for that matter) up to MY1995
duo-valve (valve that routes hot coolant to the heater core when the heat is turned on. Failure means no hot air from the heater.)
Blower regulator failure causing erratic (usually slow) climate control fan operation.
Probably a couple others that I'm forgetting this moment

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