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Problems starting my car in Park

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Hello guys,

I've a lot of troubles with my car, a 300TE from 1989.
For the last few months my car started stalling when the engine is cold.
Even though I live in the Caribbean and normal tempratures are 30 degrees celsius.

For some reason the car stopped working all together a week ago. Funny thing is that the car still starts when I put it in Neutral. I used to started in my car in Park.

A friend of mine suggested it might be the voltage overload protection relay. I have checked that and found out that one of the two 10Amp fuses on it was broken.

Saturday I changed all the sparks, air filter and replace the broken fuse. The first time I tried to started was a direct success. Normally I would have to keep starting for like 2 seconds, this time it was maybe a 0.1 of a second.

After reving up the engine and running it, I went for a test drive. After 2 corners the car stalled. Started it right away, could get home but that was about it.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
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neutral safety switch. use the search function.
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