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Because it was such a nice weekend, I had a buddy come over to help with the car.

Managed to get the front strut mount (left) in place. Took the rear wheel off, and developed the first issue:

The Parking Brake shoes pads cracked off while removing the disc. Found some on line for $26--figure that is a good price, but if anyone knows differently, please let me know.

Then the Second Issue--got the hub nut free of it's bent in lock (a small piece of metal at the edge of the hub bends into a notch cut in the hub to keep the nut from coming unscrewed--got that unbent). But I cannot break the hub nut free. I have a 18" long breaker bar, but might need to put a chunk of pipe over the end of the breaker bar to give me more leverage. Need to take the hub off to replace the bearing. Unless I am doing it wrong?

Then, finally got the new window regulator/motor (used) has a different design than the original. Ok, maybe it will work in the car anyway. Put it in place and the mounting bolts don't match the holes in the door. Ok, so I take the GOOD motor off the new regulator and mount it in place of the bad motor in the original regulator (wires are too short on the new one, but I can splice them in place if need be). Mount the regulator on the window, and the rear part of the mechanism (that slides just under the window) allows the window to drop 4" then it jams against the end of the track--looks like it should have much more motion. It is the original regulator (near as I can tell), so it must work--does anyone have a link to picture of the motor and regulator in place? Maybe there is some adjustment I am missing?

Any suggestions?
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