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Problem with my 81 300d

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As I was driving down interstate my car suddenly lost power and died. The car would restart and then die immediately. After waiting for about 20 min, the car started up again but would not idle, I had to keep the RPMs high in order for it to keep running. After running at the high RPMs for about 5 min it began to idle just fine again. I let the car idle for about 10 min and then tried to return home, I got about a mile down the road and the car died again, returning me to square one. I had this same problem when I bought the car about 1 month ago, I changed the fuel filters and the car had been running fine until today.

Any help/advice would be appreciated
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This has happened to me right after new filters were installed, more then likely the prefilter only s/b replaced, bad diesel will do that. Make sure the fuel system is free of air as well.
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