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W210 E-230 '96
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Hi all,
Just got my E230. When I took it from the dealer, it came with 3 types of keys, i.e. the one with the remote, the stubby type(key minus the remote) and a standard type with a fob. My question is, is it quite normal that I can ONLY start the engine using the key which is part of the remote? When I tried using the standard key or the stubby type, the engine cranks but will NOT start. At the same time, the red/green LED for the alarm system, illuminates alternately as the engine is cranking.
Another question is about the alarm system. With the system activated, when I unlock the driver's door manually and opened it (forced entry), there's no sound coming from the alarm horn. All blinking lights however, illuminates as what we normally see when the system is triggered. What could possibly be wrong? Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot guys.
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