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Problem with 230KOM

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Hi there, sorry I'm new here also now too much good in english.

I'm now using CLK W208 2001 and have problem with it and need suggestion, I found my car stop during drive and can restart but after some time it can't start anymore and need it to cool down before restart again.

When using VeDis checking it found AirMass control problem then while clear error code then care running smoth on idel but after get drive then car stop again and show air mass control error again. I already buy a part from Bosch and replace it but now engine didn't run smoth and seem error show too much air now I don't know what to do?

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I cannot be sure for MB cars, buts some other cars after replacing the MAP sensor you need to disconnect battery and connect back after couple minutes.
Well, as MB owner manuals say that we should not disconnect battery, at least not "red" line. So, try to unplug "black" line and plug back in and see if new MAP will be adjusted by on board computer. Seem to me, sound like that the on board computer does not know there's no new MAP installed.
Ask around for more info.
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