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Problem w/t turn signals.

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Ok over the week-end I instaled my new projector headlights and everything seemed fine but on my way to work I noticed a slight problem: If the lights are turned off the turn signals work just fine, turn on the lights and both turn signals come on and won't flash, hell even the warning flashers won't work if the lights are on. I drive a '03 230 SLK and the only wires I messed with durning the installation were the sidemarkers I tapped into to hook up my angel-eyes. Any ideas to what the hell is happening to me here?
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If you can hang out for a couple of min's i'll have a look at mine??
Twist the two red wires together and tap into the green/white wire (side marker) twist the two black wires together and tap into the drown wire.
You have an 03 you don't need the adapter, its for the Pre FL
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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