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A million thanks goes out to Kavadarci for telling me to check that the wire that goes to the front carburator fuel shut off valve and make sure that it was in good shape. With the car running, I was able to pull the wire and the engine did not change at all, so I pulled the rear one and the engine died immedately. That told me something was wrong with the front one, came to this forum and did a search for how to test thoses valves and very easily determined that the one on the front carb was not opening and letting any fuel in. Just to test the theroy, I drilled out the inside sleeve of the valve so that there were no fuel restrictions and guess what! The car fired right up and is running the smoothest it has ever ran, I re-synced the carbs putting the distributor timing to 10 BTDC and dropped it in gear. WOW! The car slowly dropped down and held an amazing idle with the car in gear and the brake on. I just drove it forward fifteen feet under a canopy (that was enough progress for today) I want to sleep knowing that all is well. Plus I need to put the insurance back on it.

Thanks again to everyone for their help and Kavadarci dinner and beer is on me! :thumbsup:

Now time to order two new fuel shut off valves. Any suggestions?
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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