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Problem need help

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There is something wrong with my car is auto..and it seems like today while i was driving down the car seems like it was adding more gas than what i am giving it with the pedal...let me try to give u a better exampl..say i am doing about 70mph and the rev is about mid 3,000 it seems lyke its pushing 3,800-4,000 so my car keeps juking bak and forth...then when i reached my home..i stopped the car and put it in neutral and it kept reving up and down from 500-1,300 and just kept repetition its self...if u kno a solution or kno what the please help me

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Something kinda similar happened to me once. I was pulling out of a parking lot and gunned it as I was turning. I had to make a left turn at a stop light about 40-50 feet after I turned out, and the car was still accelerating hard, but when I let off the gas, the car just kept pulling and I had to get on the brakes quick. It was a glitch with the ecu or esp or something...cause the esp was set off when I went around the corner. I don't know if that's ever happened to anyone else before. Sorry about the kinda off-topic story.

But back on topic...on an older car of mine, the RPMs used to oscillate when it was trying to warm up faster or something. But I don't remember what fixed it.

- Nik
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