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Problem need help

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There is something wrong with my car is auto..and it seems like today while i was driving down the car seems like it was adding more gas than what i am giving it with the pedal...let me try to give u a better exampl..say i am doing about 70mph and the rev is about mid 3,000 it seems lyke its pushing 3,800-4,000 so my car keeps juking bak and forth...then when i reached my home..i stopped the car and put it in neutral and it kept reving up and down from 500-1,300 and just kept repetition its self...if u kno a solution or kno what the please help me

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my car is almost 2 years old it has about 27,000 and i never had the tranny fluid flash...and every 10,000 miles i would bring my car to the dealer for the service check up...and today wen i started it bak up ..i drove it around and it was fine..nothing wrong..i set it in neutral again and this time it didnt rev..just sat there lyke how it should and was completely if nothing happen...i am gona take it to the dealer tomorrow..and see if they can find the problem..but thanks for help
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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