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2002 E220 CDi Classic Wagon
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Hi, I just installed an APS30 in my 2002 E-class wagon but it's not working quite right. Anyone recognize what's going on here:

It works fine with the ignition off, but turns off when I start cranking the engine.

If the engine is already running, it can't be turned on until ~45 seconds after key-off.

If it's on and I take the key to the run position (#2) without cranking it, it continues to work without turning off.

I've noticed when the unit's off, and the parking lights are on, the unit's "on" button illumination goes out a few seconds after starting the engine.

So any known cure?
If not, any ideas of further tests/resets/measurements that's be useful?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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