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Hi all,
I got a manual SLK200, 2000 model and wondered if anybody
experienced such light cluster malfunction too.
The ABS & BAS/EPS instrument lamps remain lit which unfortunately
disconnect the use of cruise control when driving.
I already replaced rear ABS sensor twice in the last 12 months
when this fault first appeared in the instrument panel last year.
MBenz recommendation is to replace the corroded rear wheel speed
sensors with new wiring. Are ABS sensors and speed sensors different?
Being an expensive repair, am wondering if damp wiring/connectors have created the problem?. Am grateful for any suggestions. SLK 200
(am no mechanic, I have only opened the bonnet twice to date to admire the engine..)

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I guess the car has been diagnosed by MB if they recommend some service, would help a lot if the results were known. It could be a brake light switch too but this would have been identified at the workshop.

Speed signal comes from the ABS sensors.
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