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A local consignment lot has a 1984 380 SL for sale.

On the down-side:
The body is straight, the paint is good, but it is "two-toned," (looks as if it has been painted after collision repair, extent unknown). The odometer/trip meter was broken at 98,427 in April of this year. The radio doesn't power up, the antenna mast is missing. Both tops are included, but the condition of the soft top is unknown. (The lot attendent wasn't able to help me take off the hard top.) I don't know what shape the engine compartment and engine mounts are in because the cable to the hood release is broken. The trunk matting is dirty. The a/c condensor needs replacing.

On the up-side:
The car runs and drives good, shifts smoothly and responsively, the tires are good, and it has 15" "560" chrome wheels (showing their age). All decorative trim is present, but also shows age and outside storage.

The price is negotiable, the owner is wanting more than the local Merc dealer will give him on trade.

How much more/less than $5000 is this red SL worth?


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