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price of paint job

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hello, i'm new in the forum,
i recently bought a set of body kit for my 190e,
including zender front bumper & Spoiler, BBS side skirts and BBS rear bumper (these things soooo hard to find=.=")
I had a body shop paint all of them including the mirror covers and side mouldings plus the wide body kit from 16v installed, all together for $1200,
you guys think i got a good deal?
I expect to get my car back these two days, it's been a while in the shop, hopefully i can post some pictures by then!!

another question:
my speedometer & odometer doesn't work, i've been through some forums and knowing that usually it would be the faulty speedometer cable, i ordered the part already, but how do i test if the speedometer is good or bad?
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good, post pics man, welcome to the forum, i always wanted to get some BBS peices for my car, but never had the money and couldnt find any around here. 1200 for that is good, i hope that its a respectable paint shop that did it.
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