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1994 S420
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I am a new owner of a 94 S420 with 60K miles. PrePurchaseInspection identified motor/tran mounts as only mechanical item to replace. Rest of drive train and chassis in excellent condition. So far so good.

In reviewing the Service Manual I've figured out the typical 7.5/15/30/60 interval replacement items listed. Pretty straight forward when the items are listed..fuel filter, air filter, trans fluid service, etc.

Here is what is not listed and I am looking for suggestions for when to pro-actively replace rather than waiting for a failure at inconvenient time.

Timing Chain (some threads reference 90-100k miles) or is there a chance it will last 200k with ample benign warning signs it is time to fix ?

Flex Couplings - check at 30's replace at 60 or wait for "failure".

Wheel Bearings (repack/replace with brake pads or more often ?)

Suspension/Shocks - nothing listed ????

Valves (adjust or replace how long normally nothing listed ???)

Mass Flow Sensor wait for failure or change out before headaches begin ?

And what is the consensus on EOM wiring harness for this vehicle. So far, after 15 years and 60k I show none of the common deterioration. Wait for failure or proactively replace ?

Thanks for all so far who have helped me fix some simple stuff like window regulators, motor mounts and central locking pump, now it is time to move on to the bigger items.
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